Apps That Run On The iPhone Has A Unique ID

Many web developers submit their apps to the iPhone store but get rejected. There are many reasons for these rejections including labeling their apps as not quite ready or Beta testing. If the app takes a long time to load, it will get rejected. The apps must link to a payment system inside the app store and not to a different link for payment. All apps must function properly when users are denied permission. There are apps that will crash when this happens. An app that crashes is rejected by Apple. The icons Read the rest of this entry »

The App Review Process Is Notoriously Fastidious

The popularity of smart phones has created a market that’s constantly expanding. As people continue to create new and improved hardware, it becomes a battle for software to also rise to the occasion. The world of apps is incredibly expansive and of course, not all programs are created equally. It’s obvious that some apps are more ridiculous than others, and many don’t even make it to the market place at all.

Submitting an app to be reviewed is actually a Read the rest of this entry »

Browser-Built Apps Are Easier To Build And Distribute

Smartphones have provided users with the chance to make use of a wide variety of applications that are able to provide them with superior communication and organisation opportunities. With so many developers working on new programs and projects, learning more about how you can take turn your mobile app idea into a reality could be an important first step. Understanding the application submission process and the what you will need to accomplish in order to develop a more Read the rest of this entry »

The Quickest Ways to Get Your App Rejected

There are tons of useful iPad apps out there – apps to tell you the temperature, apps to keep your calendar and even apps help you Texas Electricity. But what about all the apps that don’t make it through? Here are the three surest ways to ensure your apps don’t get accepted by Apple: Be Controversial. Not controversial in the sense of political parties or even foul language, but in terms of hot button issues like race and abortion. Apple doesn’t want to get tied up in a lawsuit (and you don’t, either.) Be Unnecessary. Some of the best apps are simple but they all accomplish a task that’s otherwise not easily done. If you want to get rejected make an app that already does something easy like tell time or reads the news. Be too Specialized. Don’t make an app that only appeals to a certain group or location. It’s too small to have an impact and if it can’t be broadened to appeal to more it’ll never catch on.

Do Not Sacrifice Usability And Completeness

The apps you use on your iPhone need to be the ones that work the best, meet a need you have and function as they should. Though you may be tempted to try a few of the rejected apps that Apple never put out on the market, you may be surprised to learn that the reason why such apps never made it to the general public was because they simply did not work right. This is why you may Read the rest of this entry »

Your Application Should Be As Simple As Possible

Developers that are considering an app for the iPhone need to keep one thing in mind: simplicity. The absolute best way to make the app popular is by making it simple.

Some of the top apps are the ones that are easy to use. No one wants to read a bunch of instructions. The navigation should be obvious. It should be easy to download and without a lot of mistakes.

People that develop these simple apps are the ones that have Read the rest of this entry »

Be Sure To Focus On Reducing Screen Clutter

When a person decides to make a website, pamphlet or other item, he may be tempted to use all of the available space. If he uses all of the available space, he is not using one of the most important resources available to him. He needs to make use of white space in order to prevent his site from becoming an eyesore. Creating a site that is visually appealing requires a small amount of artistic sense. Not Read the rest of this entry »

Why Do Developers Need To Make Apps Quickly

Developers know deep down that they have a short time frame to make money with apps. They need to make apps quickly and get them in front of app consumers. The software is constantly changing with new features. New hardware models mean that a popular device can fall out of favor and dedicated apps will have less value going forward.

There really is no time to waste when it comes to developing apps. New devices can make all the difference. This means getting ahead of the curve and staying there Read the rest of this entry »

There Are Now Over 65,000 Apps For iPhones

There’s an app for that. It’s more than just a marketing line now, as the market has been flooded with all types of apps over the past few years. There are now more than 65,000 apps available for the iPhone and that number just keeps on growing rapidly.

So what are all those apps for? Everything. That’s a pretty good answer. More apps appear everyday and they are for entertainment, utility, work related, and some are just plain silly. Some of the most popular apps are games. Read the rest of this entry »